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Medcare Compress Nebulizer C130


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Medcare Compress Nebulizer is a nebulizer, not ultrasonic, which allows for an adequate treatment via aerosol.

With a small size and extra compartment, Medcare Compress Nebulizer is easy to carry and store.

How to use

Follow the Medcare Compress Nebulizer instruction manual for correct use.


Medcare Compress Nebulizer helps in the fast and efficient delivery of aerosol medication.

  • Nebulizer compressor system
  • Micronized particle size: <= 2.8 micrometers MMAD
  • Dose of fine particles: 80-85%
  • Enables fast and effective delivery
  • Easy to use, with only one operating button
  • Practical to carry and clean
  • Includes a compartment to easily store all accessories
  • Latex free
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