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Oenobiol Weightloss 3 in 1+ Capsules + Summer Bag


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With a free bag, Oenobiol Captador 3 in 1+ Capsules + Summer Bag is ideal for losing weight in a healthy way.

This food supplement in capsules captures fats, fast and slow sugars and up to 75% of absorbed calories, providing a feeling of satiety.

Ideal for adults who are overweight or have difficulty controlling their appetite.


Oenobiol Capture 3 in 1+ allows weight loss and appetite reduction.

  • Patented complex with 100% natural fibers (carrot, oat and apple fibers)
  • Free of preservatives and gluten, for a reducing action
  • Ideal for losing weight naturally
  • Includes Oenobiol Capture 3 in 1 + 60 capsules + Gift Summer Bag
  • Limited to existing stock

How to use

Take 4 capsules of Oenobiol Captador 3 in 1+ per day, at the beginning of the meal, with a good glass of water:

2 immediately before lunch

2 just before dinner

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. It is advisable to take a break of 5 days after taking the 1st pack.

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