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Preventive Measures | COVID-19

Our main focus is the wellbeing of our community and team. So it was important for us to develop new measures , to guarantee the maximum  security possible.

A message to our Team:

Because our community starts with our incredible team! For them to feel confident and secure we have taken the following measures:

  1. Work remotely from home, to all of our team who’s not apart of logistics department.

  2. Prohibited entry to all external visitors, who are not of apart of our logistics team.

  3. Demarcation of specific interaction zones with anyone from outside, ( for example with anyone from the delivery teams we work with) to minimize contact.

  4. Security distance, of at least, 1 meter between all of our logistics team members.

  5. Frequent hand washing throughout the day.

  6. Home rest, whenever anyone who’s not feeling that well.

A message to our customers:

Your security needs to be preserved. Our delivery partners have already established new measures to avoid any unnecessary physical contact.

Unfortunately, for reasons we can’t control there may be some delays.

For any other doubt or question, feel free to contact our Customer Support Team, which will be available as usual, during the normal time-frame, through the Chat button in the bottom right corner of our website or email at [email protected].

Stay safe!
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