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Bioderma Hydrabio H20 Micellar Solution 250ml


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Bioderma Hydrabio H2O Micellar Solution is a gentle make-up remover that respects the skin's natural balance.

Specially formulated for dehydrated skin, it provides immediate comfort while removing impurities from the skin.

Ideal for dry, sensitive or dehydrated skin.

Bioderma Hydrabio H2O Micellar Solution helps cleanse away impurities and make-up, while encouraging the skin's natural hydration.

  • The only micellar water compatible with all skins
  • Aquagenium® complex for intense and long-lasting moisturizing action
  • Effectively removes make-up and impurities
  • Respects the skin's natural balance
  • Stimulates natural hydration
  • Soothes and decongests, with an immediate feeling of freshness
  • Effective even on water-resistant make-up
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Hypoallergenic

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