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Ecophane Soft Shampoo 200ml


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Ecophane Soft Shampoo is an ultra-gentle shampoo specially developed for sensitive scalp.

For daily use, this shampoo is suitable for the whole family and provides a gentle cleaning action.

Ideal for sensitive scalp.

Ecophane Soft Shampoo leaves the hair soft after every wash.

  • Gentle but effective formula for enhanced action
  • Fatty acids to protect and moisturize the hair fibre
  • Polyquaternium and silicone to detangle hair more easily
  • EDTA for an anti-static and anti-calcareous action that leaves hair shiny and smooth
  • Restores strength and vitality
  • Daily use formula
  • Suitable for the whole family, including children aged 3 and over
  • Delicate scent, pleasant to use

Apply Ecophane Soft Shampoo to wet hair, with a gentle massage. Rinse thoroughly.

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