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ISDIN Nutrabalm Intensive Repairing Protective Lip Balm 10ml


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ISDIN Nutrabalm Lip Balm is a protective, repairing and intensive moisturizing lip balm for the lips and nose affected by weather conditions (cold, wind, sun). 

ISDIN Nutrabalm Lip Balm helps to repair, protect and relieve irritation on your lips and nose.

  • Enriched with hyaluronic acid, centella asiatica, allantoin and rosehip oil, for a regenerating action
  • Contains provitamin B5 for a moisturizing and soothing action
  • Contains vitamin E for an antioxidant, healing and anti-inflammatory action
  • Repairs and protects skin damaged by cold, sun and wind
  • Reduces irritation, redness and skin dryness
  • Repair chapped lips
  • Comforts from the first application
  • It can be used on the lips and nose
  • Ideal for the lips delicate skin
  • Light fluid texture, easy to apply
  • Alcohol-free

Apply ISDIN Nutrabalm Lip Balm to the affected areas, as often as necessary.

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