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Mavala Nailactan Nourishing Nail Cream 15ml


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Mavala Nailactan is a moisturizing and nourishing cream for weak, brittle and damaged nails.

Rich in essential amino acids, Mavala Nailactan Nourishing Nail Cream increases nail resistance and reinforces its elasticity, preventing breakage.





Mavala Nailactan Nourishing Nail Cream helps to moisturize, nourish and fortify nails.

  • Contains essential amino acids, lipids, vitamins and minerals, for a moisturizing, protective, nourishing and keratin-balancing action
  • Acts on the nail surface, repairing the effects of external aggressors
  • Increases nail strength
  • Restores essential elasticity
  • Prevents dehydration
  • Ideal for weak, brittle and damaged nails

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