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Nutraisdin Zn 40 Repairing Ointment 50ml


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Nutraisdin Zn 40 Ointment is a repairing and protective ointment for diaper dermatitis.


Nutraisdin Zn 40 Ointment provides maximum protection against irritations, rashes and redness of the nappy area.

  • Unique triple action formula, with zinc oxide (40%), dexpanthenol (1.5%), shea butter, glycerin and anhydrous excipient, for a protective, anti-microbial, regenerating and moisturizing action
  • Regenerates and moisturizes, reducing redness and irritation
  • Creates an impenetrable barrier, isolating the diaper area
  • Prevents the proliferation of microorganisms and neutralizes the enzymes responsible for skin irritation
  • Ideal for irritative diaper dermatitis
  • Leaves the skin soothed, moisturized and protected

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