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Uriage Hyséac 3-Regul+ Global Care 40ml


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Uriage Hyséac 3-Regul+ Global Care Cream reduces all types of imperfections!

With an optimized formula, this care corrects persistent imperfections, balancing the skin microbiome and leaving the skin matte.

Ideal for acne-prone skin.

Uriage Hyséac 3-Regul+ Global Care is a complete treatment that attenuates imperfections, leaving the skin smooth and mattified.

  • Formulated with microbiome technology, with 4 patents that regulate, balance and protect the skin's microbiome
  • Contains AHAs (glycolic, lactic and malic acid) with exfoliating action, to refine texture and unclog pores
  • Uriage Thermal Water and Zinc, to help reduce excess oil and redness
  • Makes the skin grain smoother and reduces the appearance of pores
  • Works in 4 hours
  • Non-comedogenic

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