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Clean Beauty

Clean Beauty

conditions: Cosmetis is Clean Beauty is a promotion valid from 1st to 28th of February 2022 (GMT) on selected products. Not combinable with other campaigns or promotions. Limited to existing stock.

We can all do our bit to help protect the environment and that starts with our beauty routine. Clean Beauty is about products safe for people and the planet, meaning they come from an ethical supply chain and follow sustainable practices to minimize environmental impact. And, above all, these are products without potentially harmful ingredients.

At Cosmetis, we care about the planet, so we have a selection of brands that fulfill Clean Beauty requirements. From skin care to makeup and hair care, you will find products with eco-packaging (recycled and recyclable), cruelty-free products, vegan products and organic products. Many of them meet certifications such as: Ecocert, Ocean-Safe and Global Aquatic Ingredient Assessment™.

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