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General Terms & Conditions

The Cosmetis is Me Loyalty Program, hereinafter referred to as "Cosmetis is Me", is promoted and organized by Cosmetis, a brand belonging to the company 7SKIN, with its registered office at R. de 5 de Outubro 359, 4100-175 Porto, Portugal, with VAT PT513831258, and is subject to the General Conditions, which constitute the present document, hereinafter referred to as the "General Terms and Conditions".

Cosmetis is Me is exclusively aimed at people who meet the requirements set out in the General Conditions and who adhere to it in accordance to the stipulations of this program, (hereinafter referred to as the "Adherent"). Subscribing to Cosmetis is Me implies the Client's full and unreserved acceptance of these General Conditions, binding Cosmetis under the terms of these General Conditions.

The non-application of any of these general conditions by Cosmetis does not waive the right to demand the enforcement of any of these conditions. The application of Cosmetis is Me is limited to the online store Cosmetis is Me allows points to be accumulated (1$/€ = 1 point), according to the consumer's purchases, in order to obtain advantages.

The program incorporates three levels:

  • Special,
  • Wow,
  • Top.


Joining the Program

The consumer, a natural person residing in Portugal, who is registered on the website will be entitled to join Cosmetis is Me.

The minimum age to join Cosmetis is Me is 18. Cosmetis reserves the right to request, at any time, a legally issued document to verify the identity of any person  who wishes to subscribe to Cosmetis is Me. It may prove necessary to send the ID document, and the User hereby consents to its reproduction.

Subscription to Cosmetis is Me by the customer will be done by the customer filling out the electronic application to join the program (hereinafter the "Application Form"), located at, and will entitle the customer to enjoy the benefits of Cosmetis is Me in accordance with the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions.

The customer data requested in the application for membership, will be treated by Cosmetis in strict compliance with the applicable legislation.

The Subscriber is responsible for keeping his personal data up to date. Cosmetis is not liable in cases where the Subscriber does not receive its offers and/or communications due to incorrect or obsolete data.

If Cosmetis detects that the same Member has several registrations on (and several memberships in the Cosmetis is Me Program), Cosmetis reserves the right to regroup the data and benefits of the loyalty programs account into a single account, eliminating the others and processing the data in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions.


Conditions for Membership

Cosmetis is Me is available to all natural persons who request membership on the website, after creating a customer account.

When creating the customer account, it is essential to fill in all the fields marked with an asterisk:

  • First and Last Name
  • E-mail address
  • Password

Cosmetis reserves the right to modify the Cosmetis is Me membership conditions at any time.


Cosmetis is Me Members' Rights

Cosmetis is Me allows the member to accumulate one point for every euro/dollar spent on from the day the customer joins Cosmetis is Me. This accumulation of points is, however, subject to the purchase being made with the customer's account.


Personal Data

The Client's personal data that is collected by Cosmetis will be treated in strict compliance with the applicable legislation.

Cosmetis is responsible for the treatment of the customer's personal data in accordance with the Privacy Definitions.

Therefore, by subscribing to Cosmetis is Me, the customer authorizes Cosmetis to incorporate his personal data into a file for which Cosmetis is responsible and to use and treat such personal data to:

Communicate all the advantages associated with Cosmetis is Me, as well as advertising and promotional actions for products sold in our stores, services, promotions, events, etc.

Study your shopping history (where and how often you shop, and what your shopping preferences are), calculate and record the benefits of your shopping history, according to the terms and conditions of Cosmetis is Me.

To allow us to understand your needs and preferences and to follow our legitimate interest in establishing your customer profile, to send you offers which we think may be of interest to you and to carry out commercial analysis and statistics for promotional activities.

Adapt the advertising displayed on our website and other sites according to your cookie choices.

If you wish to exercise your rights to access, modify, cancel, object and limit the processing of your personal data, to arrange the post-mortem destination of your personal data or to withdraw your consent, please contact us by e-mail at the following address [email protected] Proof of identity may be required to exercise your rights, it may be necessary to send your identification document, and you hereby consent to its reproduction.

The profiling and history recording done by Cosmetis is only essential to perform the services associated with Cosmetis is Me, described earlier in this section.

For more information about your other rights, see our Privacy Policy.

The customer can check and/or modify the personal data contained in his account in the "My account" section at


Advantages and operation of Cosmetis is Me

Cosmetis is Me is a points based program. On all your purchases you accumulate 1 point per €/US$ spent (shipping costs not included). There are two other ways to earn points:

Invite a friend to the program = 20 points. Your friend just has to place your code (coupon) at the checkout of the first purchase as a member of Cosmetis is Me and you both earn 20 points.

On your birthday you receive 20 extra points.


To advance to the Wow and Top levels you will have to accumulate at least half of the required points (350 and 900, respectively) on purchases.

If you do not, as soon as you accumulate 175 points and 450 points in purchases, you will move up to the Wow and Top levels, respectively.

The points accumulated cannot be exchanged or given for value in kind.

In the event of a return, Cosmetis reserves the right to deduct the amount of points added to the Cosmetis is Me account for the purchase of the returned product(s). The number of points can be viewed in the following ways:

In the "Cosmetis is Me" section in the customer area, at;

By e-mail or chat. For any questions, doubts or suggestions, send an e-mail to [email protected]


Special Level

By joining Cosmetis is Me you are on the 1st level - the Special one. All your purchases will be rewarded. Make all your purchases with the login done, to accumulate 1 point per euro/dollar spent.

At this level, you will have early access to campaigns, and discounts and exclusive offers to enjoy in the form of coupons at checkout.

Wow Level

After accumulating 350 points, you will unlock the Wow level, keep the advantages of the Special level and even get a gift coupon on your birthday.

Every 250 points entitles you to free shipping* (at 600 and 850 points).

The "birthday gift coupon" and "free shipping" offers will be available in the "Cosmetis is Me" section in your customer area.


*on orders >60US$/€ (30€ for spain) and under 2.5kg

Top level

When you accumulate 900 points, in addition to the advantages of the previous levels you will be entitled to a VIP Gift at the end of the calendar year.


Points Validity and Level

Points will be valid until the end of the calendar year in which they are earned (regardless of whether this occurs in January or December). On January 1st of each year, the accumulated points will be deleted from the points counter. However, the level achieved in the previous year will continue to be counted for another calendar year, to allow the customer to enjoy the benefits of that level. During that new year, the customer will need to accumulate 900 points again, to reach the Top level (or 350 to reach the Wow level) to keep the benefits for the following year.

In short, the customer accumulates points in "year 1", keeps the benefits and level achieved for "year 2", and has to accumulate the points again in "year 2" to maintain the level in "year 3". If the customer does not accumulate points again, in "year 3" he will be at the Special level (or Wow, if he accumulates between 350 and 899 points).


Rights Reserved to Cosmetis

Cosmetis reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions and will inform the Subscriber by any means provided by him in the membership application, prior to its entry into force, up to 5 (five) days before its entry into force.

The updated version of the General Conditions applicable to Cosmetis is Me is available at Cosmetis invites Subscribers to consult the General Conditions regularly.

Cosmetis reserves the right not to send the available offers to all Cosmetis is Me Members, as well as the right to modify or suspend Cosmetis is Me.

In case of a definitive suspension of Cosmetis is Me, the Member will be informed by the means supplied by him/her in the membership application (email, SMS or postal address...). 

Members will have a maximum of 30 days to redeem their offers and enjoy the advantages, under penalty of these offers being lost.

Subscribers shall not be entitled to exercise any action against Cosmetis for this reason. The modification or termination of Cosmetis is Me will not entitle the Member to any kind of compensation, nor can the points be exchanged for any product at



Cosmetis is Me is a program that aims to offer advantages to loyal Cosmetis customers based on their purchase history at The Program assumes that the Subscriber respects the General Conditions of this regulation and adopts a loyal behavior towards Cosmetis. Consequently, Cosmetis reserves the right to suspend or delete a Cosmetis is Me account and its associated benefits if abusive or fraudulent behavior is detected within Cosmetis is Me and/or towards Cosmetis, without the Member being able to re-apply for Cosmetis is Me membership. Cosmetis will proceed with this suspension or deletion after informing the Subscriber, by the means of contact it deems most appropriate, without the Subscriber being able to claim any compensation, including within the following cases:

In case of fraud, theft or attempted fraud or theft on by the Adherent;

In case of improper use or misappropriation of Cosmetis is Me funds;

In case of behavior that disrupts the proper functioning of Cosmetis is Me or the Cosmetis online store;

in the event of an abnormally high number of transactions on the same day and/or on multiple days;

More generally, in cases of non-compliance with the general provisions of the current regulations.

Additionally, if the Member does not make any purchases for a consecutive period of 12 months, Cosmetis may cancel his membership in Cosmetis is Me and the accumulated points will be lost. In such cases, Cosmetis will inform the Member that he has 30 days to make a purchase, otherwise membership in Cosmetis is Me will be permanently deactivated.



Cosmetis disclaims all responsibility for the consequences, direct or indirect, of any problems with the operation of Cosmetis is Me. However, it is safeguarded that Cosmetis will do its best to ensure that the Members maintain the benefit of the accumulation of purchases in the event of malfunctioning.


Retention Period

Information relating to Cosmetis is Me Adhering customers is kept by Cosmetis only for as long as necessary for the purposes for which it was collected, which is the duration of their Cosmetis is Me membership, extended by the applicable legal prescription period, to enable Cosmetis to maintain proof of transactions and to comply with its legal obligations.


Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The parties, in this case Cosmetis and the Subscriber, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction and legislation that may correspond to them, expressly submit to the jurisdiction of the Portuguese courts and legislation for the resolution of any disputes that may arise from the interpretation of these General Conditions.

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