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Advancis Capilar Sensitive Shampoo 250ml


Soothing shampoo for sensitive scalp
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Advancis Capilar Sensitive Shampoo washes and comforts the scalp.

This shampoo gently washes the hair while soothing and comforting the scalp.

Ideal for sensitive scalps.

Advancis Capilar Sensitive Shampoo provides clean, light and loose hair.

  • Formulated with watermelon extract, with vitamins A, C and E to moisturize, reduce oxidative stress and regulate oiliness
  • Contains hops, melissa and chamomile, with a calming and softening action
  • Also contains urea and allantoin, with moisturizing and repairing action
  • Protects, soothes and calms irritated scalp
  • Gently cleanses

Apply Advancis Capilar Sensitive Shampoo to wet hair, massage in, leave on for 3 to 5 minutes and rinse out.

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