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Privacy Policy

Data protection

The General Regulation on Data Protection (GRDP), aims to regulate the processing of personal data and ensure the right to protection of such data. Through its implementation, we seek to safeguard and establish all the guarantees that prevent the misuse of your personal data, giving you all the necessary mechanisms to control it. It applies to those who process personal data of holders in the European Union (customers and employees). All companies and organizations must take measures to preserve and ensure the security of the data they process. The supervision of the implementation of the GRDP will be carried out in Portugal by the NCDP (National Commission for Data Protection), which will assume the functions of Control Authority.

Our Commitment

Cosmetis commits itself to ensure the confidentiality of personal data (yours and third parties, ie your customers); to inform the client about third parties who may have access to the data (we now share with carriers and payment providers); and to inform the customer if undue access is detected. We use cookies to enhance our users' experience and improve the quality of our website. By browsing our store, we will assume that you agree to receive all cookies.

As the Responsible party for Data Processing, Cosmetis undertakes to collect only the data strictly necessary for the provision of the service; not to use these for other purposes that have not been consented to by the respective owner; to keep the data for the period necessary to provide the service; not to transfer this data to third parties and to ensure data security.

Your commitment

In all our communications, we intend to remain transparent and clear about our services, prices, campaigns and information of interest available in our store. In view of our commitment, and if you wish to continue receiving communications, so that you can be up to date with our news and can make the most of our stores, we will need your consent. We promise not to spam and always provide relevant information to you, in the light of the General Regulation on Data Protection and the principles and ethics of our team.

Change Privacy Settings

You can use our contact form, or send an email to [email protected] to request changes to your account.


We commit to communicate by email, telephone and SMS with users who have expressly consented. We may communicate, in an exceptional way, when the information sent is essential to the provision of the service. You can change your data at any time in your account.


In all our communications, we intend to remain transparent and clear about our services, prices, campaigns and information of interest that we make available.


We send in a file, to the holder that asks us, the personal data we have on it, "in a structured format, in current use and automatic reading", so you can query and export the data to associate with another service.

Right to Forgetfulness

You can at any time delete your client account, but lose access to it. The Cosmetis team pledges not to make any further communications on that day. However, the data strictly necessary for the fulfillment of the obligations before the Tax Authority shall be stored for the legally defined period.


The Cosmetis team is aware that the information you give us is important and not transferable. We share with our partners (eg carriers and / or payment providers) the minimum information to increase safety and quality of service. We are committed to ensuring your confidentiality. You can also consult our Privacy Policy.

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