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How does it work?

Join and receive points, exclusive offers, personalized promotions, and other benefits as you reach new levels.

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Enjoy the benefits
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  • Free membership
  • Personalised offers
  • Exclusive promotions
  • Early access to your favourite promotions
  • Reach different levels to unlock (even) more benefits

How can I earn points?

1 US$ = 1 point
Your Birthday = 20 points
Refer a friend = 20 points (each!)


Special (0-349) Wow (350-899) Top (900+)
Early access to campaigns
Exclusive discounts and offers
Birthday discount coupon
Free Shipping
(at every 250 points received)
(at every 200 points received)
VIP gift at the end of the year

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I join Cosmetis is Me?

    To join Cosmetis is Me all you have to do is create an account on and in the 'Cosmetis is Me' tab click on join the program. If you already have a Cosmetis account, you can go to your customer account and on the Cosmetis is Me tab click on join.

  • How can I access my account?

    You can access your Cosmetis is Me account in your customer area, under the 'Cosmetis is Me' tab.

  • How can I earn points

    • Every time you make a purchase on, you earn 1 point for every US$ you spend;
    • When you invite a friend to join the program, you each earn 20 extra points;
    • On your birthday, you receive 20 extra points;
  • Do my points expire?

    Yes, points expire at the end of the current year. However, the advantages corresponding to the level you were at (before the points expired), will be maintained for one year.

  • Do all purchases give back points?

    In all purchases, you earn 1 point for every US$ spent (shipping fees not included).

  • Where can I check my points balance?

    You can check your points balance on the Cosmetis is Me tab in your customer area. In addition, you can check the advantages associated to the level you are at.

  • When do I reach the Wow and Top levels?

    You will reach the WOW level as soon as you accumulate 350 points and you will move on to the TOP level when you reach 900 points.
    Note: To move up to any level, half of the points must have been earned through purchases.

  • For how long will I keep my achieved level?

    You will keep the level you have achieved until the end of the current year and the following year.

  • What are the advantages of each level?

    You can consult the advantages of each level here. It is important to note that even at the first level you already have advantages to benefit from - early access to campaigns and exclusive offers/promotions.

  • How long are my offers and promotions valid for?

    As with all promotional campaigns, the offers and promotions have variable durations.

  • What if I am already registered with Cosmetis?

    Even better! If you are already registered with, just access your customer account and ask to join the program.