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SVR Sun Secure Milk SPF50+ Fragrance-Free 250ml


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With high tolerance, SVR Sun Secure Lait SPF50+ Frangrance-Free is a very high sun protection moisturizing milk.

It hydrates the skin and protects it from the UV rays, with a comfortable, invisible finish.

Ideal for sensitive skin.

SVR Sun Secure Lait SPF50+ helps moisturize, soften and protect against sunlight.

  • Triple action formula: integral secure technology, high organic solar fliters, antioxidant complex (β-carotene + Détoxophane®]) and niacinamide for protective, antioxidant, regenerating, softening and moisturizing action
  • Gently moisturizes, softens and leaves a silky touch and invisible finish
  • Easy to apply even on wet skin
  • Provides very high sun protection (FPS50 +)
  • Repairs cellular damage caused by sunlight
  • Resistant to water, perspiration and friction for optimal and effective protection
  • Fast absorbing
  • Does not block pores
  • Can be used by babies, children and adults
  • Highly tolerant, non-photosensitizing, without parabens, alcohol or octocrylene
  • Fragrance-free