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Lierac - your beauty is our priority
Fine lines Fine lines

Fine lines

Have you started to notice some fine lines? Don't let them advance and intervene early.
Dry Skin Dry Skin

Dry Skin

Keep your skin hydrated all year round.
Oily Skin Oily Skin

Oily Skin

Specific products for oily skin make a difference in your skincare routine.
Deep Wrinkles Deep Wrinkles

Deep Wrinkles

Your mature skin deserves the best firming and hydrating care.
Smoothing Care Smoothing Care

Smoothing Care

Don't give up on smooth, hydrated, glowing, and beautiful skin.
Anti-Celulite Anti-Celulite


Cellulite affects a large number of women and has a considerable impact on their self-esteem. However, we cannot let it make you feel less confident about your body, can we?
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Lierac laboratories seek to free women from the pressure of youth with aging care for every skin condition, accompanying the evolution of age and its respective needs. With its own concept dubbed by the brand as "Cult Products," we find the best care for each of the lines: Voluptuous Cream (Premium); Moisturizing Cream (Hydragenist); Fresh ultravitamin serum (Mésolift); Stretch mark prevention gel (Phytolastil); Energizing protective fluid (Sunissime) and Integral anti-aging fluid (Premium Homme). Experience the pleasant and comforting textures now, with all safety and effectiveness!

Frequently asked questions

  • What is Lierac's main goal?

    Lierac's researchers rely on medical expertise, innovative active ingredients from nature, and proven effectiveness to achieve one goal: to reprogram the skin's mechanisms so that it learns to function on its own again.

  • Is Lierac a brand dedicated to anti-aging?

    Although Lierac offers a wide range of products for all concerns, it is recognized for its anti-aging ranges, such as the Premium range, Lift Integral, Arkéskin, and Hydragenist.

  • Are Lierac products vegan?

    Lierac is committed to producing vegan products, made in France, with at least 95% natural ingredients and eco-friendly packaging.




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